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Designed for safe, active play

Wurlybird Flyer provides boys and girls with authentic amusement park features and can be enjoyed by one rider or two. Riders of all ages* feel confidence and comfort with ergonomically designed high-sided seats, foot supports and soft easy grip handles. ‘Kids love being in control’ – The ‘easy-ride’ handles providing self-propelled action, fast or slow.

Playroom, garage space, patio, garden, Wurlybird Flyer can be used indoors or out for year-round enjoyment. Wurlybird Flyer promotes active play for health and exercise, away from sit-down computer-games.

Passed all International safety standards

Wurlybird Flyer’s built-in safety features are compliant with international safety requirements and include soft-grip handles, high-sided seats, locking safety harnesses and large rubberised gripping feet to keep the ride firmly on the ground, even on polished surfaces. Wurlybird is suitable for toddlers and children with special needs, providing an exhilarating alternative to bicycles and other wheeled ride-on toys that require balance and riding skills.

Wurlybird Flyer has been designed to accommodate a recommended rider-weight of 40kg (80lb) Both Self-Assembly and Pre-Assembled models have been extensively tested to far greater weights and tolerances.


Wurlybird Toy design has been rigorously tested for over 3 years to strict international standards

  • CE EN71 European Safety Certificate
  • ASTM International American Safety Certificate F963-07
  • ASTM International American Home Playground Safety Certificate F1148-05
  • BSI Registered UKAS EN ISO9001 Approved Manufacture

*Adult supervision is required at all times.